Research Skills
Performed assessments of cerebrovascular function using transcranial Doppler ultrasound (middle, anterior and posterior cerebral artery velocities) during 1000+ data collections     
Trained in phlebotomy to perform venous blood draws and assessments of blood based biomarkers (Tau protein and neurofilament light).
Executive function assessments via complexity of movement tasks and response inhibition.    
Performing balance perturbations and centre of pressure assessments for postural sway.
Administration of the Sport Concussion Assessment Tool - 3rd edition for assessment of sympotom scores, cognitive assesments (immediate and delayed recall), and balance errors. 
Utilizing applination tonometry to measure intraoccular pressure, which can be used as a non-invasive index for alterations in intracranial pressure.
Assess alterations in convergence as a method to quantify a reduction in the eye's ability to focus following a sport-related concussion, which can affect activites such as reading.
Assessment Methods
Assessment of cerebral pressure-flow response using power spectrum and transfer function analysis during orthostatic challenges (Induced oscillations in blood pressure and lower body negative pressure)
Assessment of neurovascular coupling within the anterior and posterior regions of the brain during visual tasks and cerebrovascular reactivity via rebreathing.
Assessment of heart rate variability and baroreceptor sensitivity in both the time and frequency domains.
Clincial Populations
Performed studies with elite football, hockey and soccer players examining sports-related concussive and subconcussive impacts on cerebral blood flow, neurovascular coupling, cerebral autoregulation, executive function, and balance assessments (University of British Columbia) and on cerebral autoregulation metrics in professional boxers (University of Glamorgan - Wales).  

Also currently work with survivors of intimate partner violece.
Dr. Jonathan Smirl - Concussion Researcher
Performed studies with High Altitude Sherpa and healthy lowlanders at the Ev-K2-CNR Pyramid Laboratory near the base of Mt. Everest (University of British Columbia).
Dr. Jonathan Smirl - Concussion Researcher
Other experience includes:

Performed studies with heart transplant recipients (University of Alberta) on cerebral blood flow assessment.  

Breast cancer and brain cancer patients (Duke University).

Firefighters (University of Saskatchewan).